Standard Lifters prides itself on being known for innovation. We work tirelessly to make new and better products to help progressive die tooling and die stamping operations. One of our goals is to look at problems in production and improve or create products that increase machine uptime and reduce product waste due to stronger components.

In 2024 we launched four new Pilot products into the market to offer alternatives for tool designs with little room. Learn more below about the new options and how they can help your operations.

Tight Space Pilot Assemblies: Fully Integrated Space-Saving Design

Our new Tight Space Pilot Assembly excels in areas with limited design space. It locates and ejects metal stock with exceptional production performance and features 6-8 ejectors close to the pilot for optimal stripping and durability.

Integrated Ejection and Intentional Design Features

Our engineering team tested multiple design prototypes of the Tight Space Pilot Assemblies and included the following features in the final iteration for best results:

  • A flat prevents rotation during fastener tightening and loosening.
  • Machining of locating bore and flat allows for a large common endmill (0.5”).
  • Lock washer provided.

Back Tap Pilots Offer Off-the-Shelf Availability

Rely on the Back Tap Pilot when design space is extremely limited. Innovative design features, such as a press ring for a secure fit and simple machining—combined with off-the-shelf availability—make this Pilot a great option.

Innovation at the Heart of Product Development

When we design Pilot options for long-term use, we aim to find every way possible to extend the life of our Pilots to give you more reliability and durability.

The Back Tap Pilot features:

  • An integrated “press ring” to ensure a secure fit. The upper portion of the Pilot body is slightly larger which offers a more secure fit and ensures it doesn’t rotate during assembly/disassembly. Note: Not for use in hardened details.
  • Off-the-shelf availability in 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, and English equivalent sizes.
  • Easy machining is as simple as drill, drill, ream. No milling is needed.
  • Reaming provides a consistent diameter and straight wall for a reliable fit.

Fastener Mounted Pilots: For Narrow Applications Without Inserts

Trust our Fastener Mounted Pilot when design space is compromised and mounting in the pad is preferred. A robust design, easy machining, and off-the-shelf availability make this a great Pilot option.

Fastener Mounted Pilot Offers Innovative Design Features

If your design setup is better aligned with mounting in the pad, use our Fastener Mounted Pilot in your application.

  • No need for an insert.
  • No need to access the back side of the pad.
  • Easy to machine an accurate bore diameter (using a ream if desired).
  • Good sized fastener.
  • Fastener and lock washer are provided.

Insert Mounted Pilots: Similar but Superior Design

Unlike traditional headed Pilots, our innovative Insert Mounted design delivers advancements in head thickness specific to the pilot diameter, precise machining tolerances, and easier machining requirements—resulting in a superior product.

Innovation Changes Made on Gaps in Pilot Market

Our thorough evaluation of straight Pilots in the market identified three areas of improvement:

  1. Faster machining
  2. More robust head thicknesses
  3. A simpler part number/call-out structure

Our Insert Mounted Pilots deliver on these improvements (and more!) while being off the shelf and available to ship on the same day.

The Headed Pilot design features:

  • No head grinding is required; our head thicknesses are ±.0005″ (Five times tighter than other Pilots).
  • Robust head thicknesses increase in size as diameter increases.
  • Head radius allows for common tooling to machine the pocket; no sharp corners or making the pocket larger than necessary.
  • The inside radius is cleared which eliminates the need to chamfer the hole in the bottom of the pocket.
  • A relief angle was added to transfer any mis-hit forces to the pad, reducing the shock on the head of the Pilot.

If you have any questions about the best Pilots for your tooling applications, contact Standard Lifters customer service directly so we can help determine which options are best for you.