Rail Lifters Applications

Rail lifters

Used in metal stamping dies to lift sheet metal stock through die stations.

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Rail Lifter full assembly

All-in-one, complete assembly

  • Bolt-on-ready Stock Rails.

Configurable and adjustable

  • Heights available in 0.125” increments, providing design flexibility.
  • Travel is configured by height and stroke, which allows for a shorter gas spring and minimum clearance beneath the base.
Rail lifter
Rail lifters design features

Design features

  1. Highly configurable — heights available in 0.125" increments
  2. Extended bushings for long-life performance
  3. High quality and bolt on ready
  4. Adjustable can — locks and protects drop in gas spring
  5. NTP or Standard top plates available


  • High-quality and dependable performance.
  • Savings in design and die assembly.
  • Quick change/repair with off-the-shelf products.
Rail lifter black and red


Series and guide pin diameter

SM / .75"

Model SM-75 guide pin

SL / 1.25"

Model SL-125 guide pin

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Top Plate Thickness (A Model)

SM / .75"

1 – M10 / 3/8

GK75 Pad Pin Close Up


SL / 1.25"

2 – M10 / 3/8

GK120 Pad Pins Close Up


Base lengths and widths

4.0" / 2.0"

Model 40 rail lifter

5.38" / 1.25"

Model 538 Rail Lifter

7.0" / 1.90"

Model 70 rail lifter

9.0" / 1.25"

Model 90 rail lifter

12.0" / 1.90"

Model 120 rail lifter

14.0" / 1.25"

Model 140 Rail Lifter

18.0" / 1.90"

Model 180 rail lifter

Top plates

A Model

Rail Lifter A-Top Plate

No Top Plate

Rail Lifter No Top Plate

More Details

Top plate options and info

A Model — Standard
The Top Plate is the same width and length as the Base Plate on most models. It includes holes that allow a Hex Wrench to pass through it for loosening the screws in the Base Plate.

Rail Lifter A-Top Plate

NTP — No Top Plate
The assembly is ordered minus a top plate.

Rail Lifter No Top Plate
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Pricing examples

Stock Rails Rail Lifter 4.0"/2.0"


SM20 4”

Rail Lifter Stock Rails


SM12 5.38”

Rail Lifter 14.0"/1.25"


SM12 14”

Rail Lifter


SL19 12”

Rail Lifters Configurator Preview

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