Gas Spring Clamps

Used to retain a Gas Spring throughout a metal stamping die.

Gas Spring Clamp Application close up


Circumferential clamping

The clamp makes contact in multiple locations, providing robust holding strength while centering the gas spring.

Single tap machining gas spring band

Compatible with all nitrogen brands

The clamp features single-tap machining and is compatible with all other clamp spring brands.

Standard Lifters’ Gas Spring Clamps are the easy choice when it comes to the innovative body containment, the simplified machining (taps only), and the unclamping for cylinder maintenance.

Shop Foreman, Tooling Supplier

SL clamps offer our tooling a simple yet mechanical clamping solution that can be easily accessed in-press. They work great, and we require them in all our builds.

Tooling Engineer, Tier 2 Stamper


Dark Gas Spring Clamp

  • Simple machining and cost-effective
  • Removable in-press.
  • Tooling commonality.

Method comparison

Gas spring clamp mount

SL Gas Spring Clamp

  • Simple single-tap machining.
  • Robust clamping all the way around the Gas Spring.
  • Removeable in-press.
Nitro catch tab mount

Custom made

  • In-house fabrication required.
  • Gas Spring could fall out if tab is bent or damaged.
  • Tab could damage rod or void warranty.
Dradco N Mount


  • Costly machining required.
  • Only offers single point of contact.
  • Gas Spring is forced against the side wall.
Nitro bottom tap mount

Tapped cylinder

  • Costly to machine.
  • Difficult to assemble and orient.
  • Not removeable in-press.
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Clamp sizes


19mm gas spring clamp


25mm gas spring clamp


32mm gas spring clamp


38mm gas spring clamp


44.5mm gas spring clamp


50mm gas spring clamp


63mm gas spring clamp


75mm gas spring clamp

More Details

Usage Guidelines

  • Gas Springs are required to be “contained” when using GSCs. They are not to be used on “uncontained” applications, like Gas Springs used to “drive” a Lifter Bar or Rack from above.
  • Back-up is required to support the full load of the Gas Spring.
  • Screws with a nylon patch are required to be used (provided).
  • The mounting surface is required to be a flat (machined or ground) surface, that is perpendicular to the bored hole.
  • It is recommended that the GSC be located at least 50% up from the bottom of the Gas Spring
Close up of gas spring clamp
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Pricing examples

Model GSC-25-B gas spring clamp

Starting at $6.50


Model GSC-38-B gas spring clamp

Starting at $8.00


Model GSC-50-B gas spring clamp

Starting at $9.00


Model GSC-63-B gas spring clamp

Starting at $10.00


Gas Spring Clamps Configurator Preview

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