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Tapered pilot, rail lifter, guided keeper, pilot assembly, gas spring clamp


Our relentless pursuit to improve tooling performance has changed the game for numerous stampers and tooling suppliers around the world. We design and manufacture innovative products that increase tooling quality, add value in design and build, and maximize stamping uptime. With every new product, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the industry and the users we serve.

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Consistent, High-QualityManufacturing
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Superior manufacturing quality that upgrades performance

Standard Lifters' products simply perform better and last longer. Our designs are more robust, emphasizing greater strength, stiffness, and dimensional accuracy where it counts to deliver greater stamping precision and extended performance life.

In manufacturing, we use state-of-the art equipment and quality management programs for consistent product quality and precision. You’ll see the difference in far fewer stamping defects and more press uptime.

These are saving us a lot of press downtime. Easy to unscrew and grab another one from the crib and then we can get back going again. I’d highly recommend them for all transfer tooling.

Toolroom Supervisor, Tier 1 Stamper

We really like using these long pilots. It saves us time in design not having to create a custom pilot/print, and SL has plenty of diameters and lifts to cover what we need.

Designer, Tooling Supplier

Standard Lifters’ component integration into the tooling designs is second to none. The Guided Keepers are a game changer for guidance and retention in one, as well as the most robust design across the board. As with all Standard Lifters’ components, they have designed and built the Guided Keepers for robustness and machining work flow in mind.

Sr. Designer, Tooling Supplier

We’ve run these Ejectors in dies well past 8 million hits, and they never break a sweat. We require them in all our dies.

Sr. Tooling Engineer, Tier 1 Stamper

These are so slick. Drop in, tighten down, and you’re off. I like that we can use less of them due to their force vs. traditional ejectors that never last.

Designer, Tooling Supplier

These work so well; we’ll never go back to the old methods of oil break. Thanks for a simple and effective solution.

Tool Room Supervisor, Tier 1 Stamper

Using Standard Lifters’ Pilots, we rarely encounter parts wanting to stick and hang up on Pilots that are in the upper pads of the die. Surrounding your Pilots with built-in ejection was quite genius.

Shop Foreman, Tooling Supplier

Standard Lifters’ Gas Spring Clamps are the easy choice when it comes to the innovative body containment, the simplified machining (taps only), and the unclamping for cylinder maintenance.

Shop Foreman, Tooling Supplier

We require Standard Lifters’ Pilots in all our dies built all over the world. They provide superior performance and commonality across all tooling and designs.

Sr. Tooling Engineer, Tier 1 Stamper

SL clamps offer our tooling a simple yet mechanical clamping solution that can be easily accessed in-press. They work great, and we require them in all our builds.

Tooling Engineer, Tier 2 Stamper

Upper pads and lower lifters with Standard Lifters’ Guided Keepers are much easier to assemble and even easier to disassemble than the old-school ways of the past. We used to have to plan on spools and solid pins and bushings that required more space and certainly more machining and longer assembly.

Shop Foreman, Tooling Supplier

Using Standard Lifters’ Guided Keepers, we have noticed a reduction in press down time for tooling fatigue. They are readily available if a replacement is needed and support our hundreds of stamping tools. Conventional keeper systems don’t offer interchangeability, have longer lead times, and usually require more labor cost to get back in production. Guided Keepers have fixed all of that, and Standard Lifters has been extremely supportive and very responsive when assistance is needed.

Sr. Tooling Engineer, Tier 2 Stamper

Assuring the ultimate customer experience

We sell direct to assure the best possible customer experience. Maintaining a direct partnership with our customers provides the ability to build trust and ensure their success over the long term.

We design, manufacture, and inventory 99% of all our products. Most orders are able to ship within 0–2 days with numerous options for expediting. Our pricing and discounts are honest and transparent, and we have zero restocking fees on all returns.

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