Guided Keepers Deliver Guidance and Retention in a Single Innovative Unit

If you’re using the old-fashioned approach to guidance and retention, there’s a better alternative to the time-consuming and costly machining and assembly required by traditional guide pins. Whether called guide pins, leader pins, alignment pins, retractable spring-loaded guide pins or other terms, old school methods must be paired with steel pin bushings and spools/keepers that take up die space and require extra machining.

Our Guided Keepers put it all in a single robust assembly that’s far easier to design with and requires much less time and cost for machining and assembly. They also feature exceptionally high-quality construction for greater operating precision and extended performance life in both progressive stamping and transfer stamping operations.

  1. Retention
  2. Guidance

Less Die Space

With all-in-one guidance and retention, Guided Keepers require less die space than standard guide pins and bushings or traditional pin, bushing and spool combinations. Guided Keepers can also be placed throughout the pad, increasing internal guidance and minimizing pad flex.

Guided Keeper Applications Lifter

Faster Machining and Assembly

Pins, bushings and spools require more machining and more assembly time. Guided Keepers offer huge savings in space, machining and assembly time.

Inside a guided keeper in how it works in a stripper pad
Pins, bushings, and spools
Pins and Bushings assembly
Standard Lifters Guided Keeper

Experience the Difference

When you need a compact footprint in your dies, more design flexibility, and lower machining and assembly costs, there’s no better choice than Standard Lifters Guided Keepers. They have proven themselves for 15 years in North America and are now widely used around the world in high volume metal stamping dies. Once customers have experienced the innovation, savings and customer support that come with Standard Lifters Guided Keepers, they never look back.

“Standard Lifters component integration into the tooling designs is second to none. The Guided Keepers are a game changer for guidance and retention in one, as well as the most robust design across the board. As with all Standard Lifters’ components, they have designed and built the Guided Keepers for robustness and machining workflow in mind.”

Sr. Designer, Tooling Supplier

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There’s nothing that can tell this innovation story better than having a Standard Lifters Guided Keeper in your hands. We’re confident that once you do, you’ll want to put them to work in your dies. Use the request form here to get going.

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