Pilot Assembly Application

Pilot Assemblies

Used to locate sheet metal stock in metal stamping dies.

Pilot Assembly Application


Location and ejection 1

Locates and Ejects All-in-One Assembly

Our fully integrated “off the shelf” Pilot Assemblies locate and eject metal stock. They’re designed and manufactured for robust and superior long-life production performance.

Location and ejection 2

Pilot Assemblies SPF cross section

Ejector Pin Style Design Features
(for heavy-duty stock)

  1. Optimal stripping close to pilot
  2. Multiple hardened ejectors
  3. Heavy-duty (M2), one-piece design
  4. Long-lasting spring
  5. Self-contained assembly

Round Stripper Design Features
(for thin/soft stock)

  1. Large stripper surface area
  2. Optimal stripping close to pilot
  3. Long-lasting spring
  4. Self-contained assembly
  5. Small footprint
Pilot Assemblies SRF cross section

Using Standard Lifters’ Pilots, we rarely encounter parts wanting to stick and hang up on Pilots that are in the upper pads of the die. Surrounding your Pilots with built-in ejection was quite genius.

Shop Foreman, Tooling Supplier

We require Standard Lifters’ Pilots in all our dies built all over the world. They provide superior performance and commonality across all tooling and designs.

Sr. Tooling Engineer, Tier 1 Stamper

Employee adjusting pilot assemblies


Superior performance maximizes uptime

  • Designed to last the life of your die using a long-life spring and ejection close to the pilot.

Global design commonality

  • Nominal sizes in both English and metric allow for one pilot style in all your global tooling.

Savings in design

  • All-in-one assembly speeds up design process and drops in your die fast.

Pilot method comparison

Pilot PA mount

  • All-in-one assembly
  • Ejection close to pilot
  • Long-life spring
  • Drop-in assembly
  • Pilot body location concentric to pilot point (accurate by design)
Pilot back of pad

  • Lots of loose parts
  • Ejection far from pilot
  • Short life/small springs
  • Not easily removed in press
  • Assembly is labor intensive and full of hassle
Pilot insert retainer

  • Lots of loose parts
  • Ejection far from pilot
  • Large footprint
  • Short life/small springs
  • Costly to machine
  • Dowel location is less accurate
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More Details

Choose a proper Pilot Diameter based on the Stock Thickness

Stock Thickness in relationship to the Pilot Diameter is important for 2 main reasons.

  1. To provide enough locating surface area, based on land length and diameter, between the pilot and the stock to effectively locate the stock.
  2. To provide a robust assembly that reduces the potential of the Pilot assembly being damaged during common miss-hits/misfeeds where the pilot is required to pierce and/or form the stock.

Maximum Stock Thickness — Ejector Pin Style

Pilot Dia. Max. Stock Thickness Pilot Dia. Max. Stock Thickness
.3125” .050” 8mm 1.27mm
.375” .075” 10mm 1.9mm
.500” .100” 13mm 2.5mm
.625” .125” 16mm 3.2mm
.750” .150” 20mm 3.8mm

Maximum Stock Thickness — Round Stripper Style

Pilot Dia. Max. Stock Thickness Pilot Dia. Max. Stock Thickness
.375” .040” 10mm 1.0mm
.500” .060” 13mm 1.5mm
.625” .080” 16mm 2.0mm

Ejection methods

Round stripper for thin and soft stock

Ejector pins for heavy-duty stock

More Details

Pilots - Ejection/Spring Force

Ejector Pins Round Stripper
Pilot Diameter Standard Spring* Light Spring* Standard Spring Light Spring
.3125” / 8mm 10 lbs. on Contact
15 lbs. at Max Travel
5 lbs. on Contact
10 lbs. at Max Travel
.375” / 10mm 12 lbs. on Contact
20 lbs. at Max Travel
5 lbs. on Contact
10 lbs. at Max Travel
6 lbs. on Contact
16 lbs. at Max Travel
.500” / 13mm 14 lbs. on Contact
23 lbs. at Max Travel
5 lbs. on Contact
10 lbs. at Max Travel
11 lbs. on Contact
19 lbs. at Max Travel
.625” / 16mm 14 lbs. on Contact
20 lbs. at Max Travel
5 lbs. on Contact
10 lbs. at Max Travel
15 lbs. on Contact
21 lbs. at Max Travel
.750” / 20mm 14 lbs. on Contact
20 lbs. at Max Travel
5 lbs. on Contact
10 lbs. at Max Travel

*Single Spring drives all Ejectors so Forces listed are for the Spring

Usage Guidelines & Recommendations

Choose the Best Ejection Style based on the Application

Style: Ejector Pins

The Ejector Pin style should be the preferred option whenever possible. It is more robust because the Pilot body is fully supported in the Pad/Window.

Style: Round Stripper

The Round Stripper Style Pilot Assembly is for use with Thin / Soft Stock only. The Round Stripper style will provide a better stripping condition by providing more contact surface between the stripper and the stock.

Fully Supported Body

Clearance for Stripper and Spring

Due to its Body not being supported adjacent to the Pilot “Tip”, it is less robust than the fully supported Ejector Pin Style Pilot Assembly.

A properly sized receiving hole is important

Clearance minimizes the forces subjected on the Pilot and tooling during a miss-hit situation. The hole below the pilot allows the material to extrude, rather than creating a “pinch trim” situation. See Receiving Hole Guidelines for detailed information on proper sizing.

Style: Ejector Pins

Style: Round Stripper

Mounting styles

In Pad—Fasteners

In Pad—Fasteners

In Window

In Window

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Pricing examples

Pilot Assembly - 8mm

Starting at $48.00

Pilot Assembly - 10mm

Starting at $51.00

Pilot Assembly - 13mm

Starting at $53.00

Pilot Assembly - 16mm

Starting at $57.00

Pilot Assembly - 20mm

Starting at $64.00

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