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Single-component ejector assemblies from Standard Lifters are remarkably easy to use in die design, die build and in-plant maintenance. They’re better-designed, pre-assembled and built tough for long life performance and maximum uptime.

Oil Break Stock Ejectors

Positive release of lubricated sheet metal from large tooling surfaces such as stripper pads.

  1. Large Contact Surface
  2. Easy Assembly with Standard Tools
  3. Large Spring
  4. Anti-Loosen Patch
Black Stock Ejector 22.5mm labeled 1 through 4
PE-25mm/1.00 Ejector

Part Ejectors

Strong, long-lasting performance in applications requiring more travel and force.

Many options for diameter and stroke length to meet your performance requirements

Our oil break stock ejectors are available in O.D.s from .750” to 1.0” and travel from .125” to .188”, with similar specifications in metric sizes. Part ejectors come in 1” and 25 mm sizes.

4 different black ejector sizes with sizes labeled
4 different black ejectors labeled by travel sizes

We’ve run these Ejectors in dies well past 8 million hits, and they never break a sweat. We require them in all our dies.

Sr. Tooling Engineer, Tier 1 Stamper

These are so slick. Drop in, tighten down, and you’re off. I like that we can use less of them due to their force vs. traditional ejectors that never last.

Designer, Tooling Supplier

These work so well; we’ll never go back to the old methods of oil break. Thanks for a simple and effective solution.

Tool Room Supervisor, Tier 1 Stamper